29 – Out of Step?

Sehr gut, so was wäre angebracht. Halt aktueller und nicht 13 Jahre alt.

Mahringer Literaturverzeichnis: 29
Autor: Christopolos, lan
Titel: Out of Step? Agriculture Policy and Afghan Livelihoods
Erscheinungsjahr: 2004 (Alter 13 Jahre)
Genre: Studie
Anzahl der Verweise im Gutachten: 0

Link: https://areu.org.af/archives/publication/416

This paper argues that agricultural and livelihoods policies and programmes would benefit from stepping back and examining how rural Afghans have supported themselves for the last two decades. Farmers weigh a number of risks and are impacted by international and regional markets, and agricultural policies and programmes must become more in tune with these to maximise their support of rural livelihoods.

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